VBS3: The Future Virtual Battlespace

VBS3 is a consolidated tactical training and mission rehearsal solution, combining robust terrain and scenario editors, with a high-fidelity virtual environment.

Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3) is about to take the military simulation world by storm. VBS3 offers a significant increase in capability, building on more than 10 years' experience delivering advanced simulation technologies to military organizations all over the world. VBS3 is a consolidated tactical training and mission rehearsal solution, combining flexible terrain and scenario editors, with a high-fidelity virtual environment for networked training and after-action reviews. VBS3 can also be used as an image generator in simulators, and can emulate a wide range of devices and weapon platforms.

VBS2 has been the standard for military simulation across the majority of NATO partners for more than five years. VBS3 will be the new standard, as the US Army has selected VBS3 to be the flagship of their Games for Training program. For the next five years, the US Army will use VBS3 to build training solutions across their classroom, part-task trainer and full simulation environments.

Cutting-edge capability

VBS3’s specification has been driven by feedback and requirements from key military customers. VBS3 will be the most comprehensive, flexible and capable military simulation tool available to date.

Key features:

  • A redesigned, cleaner, and simpler user interface
  • Support for larger multi-map terrains (over 2000km by 2000km), including high-detail insets
  • Improved network performance, allowing for increased number of clients and AI entities
  • Improved procedural and multi-map terrain rendering
  • Support for high-fidelity graphics
  • Improved support for the maritime environment, including large and high-detail ships
  • Improved physics via PhysX by Nvidia middleware
  • Reworked animation system for increased realism
  • Improved after-action review (AAR) capability, including AAR editing
  • Robust and proven HLA and DIS interoperability
  • Integrated digital chalkboard for military overlays in both 2D and 3D

Additional new features will be announced in the coming months. Check back regularly!

Key benefits:

  • Rehearse large-scale maneuvers over greater terrain distances.
  • Support more human entities and AI avatars for more immersive operations in urban areas.
  • Improved intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and gunnery training capabilities through enhanced optical and infrared visual rendering and longer view distances.
  • Start training faster with improved terrain production capabilities.

Leverage game-based simulation now!

Game-based simulation is a proven adjunct to traditional training methods and is a trusted part of military training capability. Contact us to arrange an on-site demonstration and keep an eye on http://news.bisimulations.com for more information on VBS3. You can also join the BISim newsletter.

Redesigned VBS3 user-interface elements